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Beauty Treatments

Skin Treatment – Skin Care

Skin Whitening by Vitamin C Therapy

In order to own white and smooth skin , you need to provide enough vitamin for the body. Particularly, vitamin C is considered as the most importance, it helps protect and recover skin damage very well. However, vitamin C is easy to melt and dissolve in water so the body is easy to lack. In order to correct the condition of the lack of vitamin C for you body and help your skin be smooth, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has successfully applied vitamin C therapy to brighten the skin, helping treat melasma and freckles effectively for natually beautiful and rosy skin.

Why ?

should you choose brightening skin by vitamin c therapy 

in ngoc phu aesthetic hospital?

1The superior effect

After treatment completes, facial skin will be whiter from 2-4 tones of color, depending on the natural disposition of each person. In addition, at the same time, the skin becomes healthier and better protected.

2Latest technology today

The vitamin C therapy was certified by Food and Drug Administration for safety and effectiveness and can be applied to  the most sensitive skin. This is one of the latest technologies and be chosen by alot of women.

3Safe and naturally beautiful

The vitamin C therapy using natural materials so they are very safe, help your skin be healthy and white without exfoliating or wearing out the skin.

The wonderful effect which vitamin C gives your skin

1 Enhance blood circulation, remove activated oxygen, maintain skin elasticity, help skin be firming, anti aging.

2 Stimulates collagen synthesis for the skin and support scar treatment effectively.

3 Vitamin C helps regenerate collagen 8 times faster than normal when it directly contact with  skin cells.

4 Protect skin against damage caused by external factors such as dust, sunshine ...

who? should apply vitamin c therapy

1Rough lumpy skin

2 Thin skin which easyly catch the sun

3 Skin with large pores

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious ADDRESS


The importance of vitamin C to the skin have been proven to help maintain skin elasticity, prevent sagging skin very effectively. Therefore, women need to regularly apply vitamin C therapy to best care for your skin. With skillful and deft hands of technicians in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will have wonderful moments of relaxation and feel bright and smooth skin as desired quickly.

When visiting Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, customers will experience the luxury space equipped with modern machines, facilities and the latest technologies today. With the criteria of beautifying effectively, safely, maximum saving cost and time for the customer. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital deserves to be a comprehensive beautifying address which is the most prestigious today.

HOW is skin whitening

by VITAMIN C therapy performed?

To achieve the desired effect, you must apply Skin Whitening by Vitamin C for 4 consecutive times, once a week. The process is be done in 90 minutes, including:

1 Step 1: Clean the face 2 times you wash helps remove makeup and cleanse skin deep.

2 Bước 2 : tẩy tế bào chết, giúp kích thích sự tái tạo tế bào và làm mềm da, cung cấp lớp bảo vệ cho da.


3 Bước 3 : sử dụng sóng siêu âm làm sạch những tế bào chết nằm sâu dưới da

4 Bước 4 : hút sạch dầu trên da mặt

5Bước 5 : dùng tia cực tím giúp sát khuẩn cho da

6Bước 6 : đưa Oxy tinh khiết vào làm sạch da và giúp da tươi trẻ, đồng thời làm giảm sự hình thành và phát triển mụn.


7Bước 7 : đưa vitamin C thẩm thấu vào da nhờ sóng siêu âm, giúp xóa mờ vết nám và tàn nhang.

8Bước 8 : Massage ấn huyệt, giúp kích thích lưu thông máu.

9Bước 9 : đắp mặt nạ chiết xuất từ thảo mộc, giúp tăng sự đàn hồi và làm tăng độ sáng cho da.

10Bước 10 : thoa kem dưỡng ẩm cho da.



1Healthy, smooth and bright white skin

2Tighten skin and pores

3Blur bruises, melasma effectively

Time and cost

treatment price ( usd ) Time ( minute )
Skin Whitening by Vitamin C Therapy 25/time 60 

*US. Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

( Price of Surgeries and Treatment will change according to the current dollar price )

Nguồn: Bệnh Viện Thẩm Mỹ Ngọc Phú

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