Vitamin C Skin Brightening Treatment

In order to have white and smooth skin, it is important to provide enough vitamins for the body. Vitamin C is considered to be particularly important since it serves to effectively protect and restore skin damage. However, since vitamin C is highly soluble and degrades in water, it can become deficient. In order to overcome the lack of vitamin C in the body and make the skin bright and smooth, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has successfully employed Vitamin C Skin Brightening treatment to treat melasma and freckles, resulting in naturally beautiful rosy skin.
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The importance of vitamin C to the skin has been scientifically proven. It can successfully assist in maintaining the skin's elasticity and preventing sagging skin. Therefore, in order to take the best care of the skin, women need to constantly apply vitamin C. With the skillful and professional hands of specialists at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, customers will have moments of genuine relaxation and achieve the desired smooth skin quickly.


What is Vitamin C Skin Brightening?

Vitamin C Skin Brightening is a method of skin rejuvenation to quickly regenerate bright, white, and smooth skin. Not only can it bring brighter skin, but also nourish and regenerate the skin, helping to reduce brown spots, wrinkles right after the first treatment.  This method utilizes electromagnetic waves to allocate essence deep into the skin's epidermis. Vitamin C will be absorbed by the skin and quickly regenerate collagen and elastin fibers, reducing acne scars.

Vitamin C also prevents dark spots from forming, balances aberrant melanin-producing factors, and brings back bright white skin.


  • Outstanding efficiency

After the treatment, the facial skin will become whiter by 2 to 4 shades, depending on the body's natural disposition. At the same time, the skin will become healthier and better protected.

  • Today's latest technology

The Vitamin C Skin Brightening regimen has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for safety and effectiveness and can be used to treat even the most sensitive skin. This is one of the latest technologies being chosen by many women today.

  • Safe and generate natural beauty

Because Vitamin C Skin Brightening only utilizes natural ingredients, it is extremely safe and helps to whiten and make the skin healthy without forcing the skin to peel or erode.


Who are the candidates for Vitamin C Skin Brightening?

  • People with rough skin
  • People with thin skin, easily sunburned
  • Those with large pores


Step 1: Wash the face twice to remove makeup and deep clean the skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate dead skin to stimulate cell renewal and soften the skin, thus providing a protective layer to the skin.

Step 3: Use ultrasonic waves to clean dead cells deep under the skin.

Step 4: Absorb the oil on the face.

Step 5: Use ultraviolet light to disinfect the skin.

Step 6: Cleanse the skin with pure oxygen to keep it fresh and prevent acne from forming and spreading.

Step 7: Apply vitamin C to the skin using ultrasonic waves to fade melasma and freckles.

Step 8: Massage acupressure to stimulate blood circulation.

Step 9: Apply a mask extracted from herbs to improve skin elasticity and brightness.

Step 10: Apply moisturizer to the skin.

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  • Healthy, smooth and bright skin
  • Firm facial skin and tighten pores
  • Effectively eliminates melasma and dark spots

Why is it important to include vitamin C in the skin care regimen?

Dermatologists claim that a scientific skin care routine and a beauty care process are essential for having clear, healthy, and beautiful skin. Since vitamin C does not stay in the body for too long, taking vitamin C supplements will not provide the best results for tightening pores or maintaining bright white skin. Therefore, doctors recommend that customers combine the skin care process with vitamin C electrophoresis.

What advantages does vitamin C have for the skin?

With aging and the effects of the outside environment, the body's collagen levels frequently decline. The emergence of bruises, wrinkles, and a decrease in skin elasticity are the skin's most obvious effects.

By successfully triggering collagen-synthesis-related factors in the body and stabilizing mRNA (which has a role in protein synthesis), vitamin C can help control the production of collagen types I and III. The beauty process is significantly improved by this process. It promotes collagen synthesis and strengthens, firms, and improves skin elasticity, reduces melasma and dark spots.

How to take care of the skin after Vitamin C Skin Brightening?

After Vitamin C Skin Brightening, in order to achieve the best results, customers should adhere to the following instructions:

  • Apply UV-protective cosmetics to the skin and wear hats, sun protection shirts, and other items to keep the skin protected from the sun.
  • Apply lotion to the skin to restore and protect it.
  • Avoid using mixed cream of unknown origin or eye whitening cream.
  • Drink enough water every day.
  • Customers should include fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.
  • Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, etc.

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