Expert Consultation: Is Korean Rhinoplasty Permanent?

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Whether Korean Rhinoplasty is permanent or not is a question that many customers are interested in when considering to undergo Rhinoplasty. Dr. Lee Jung Hoon - Former Head of Plastic Surgery Department at JEJU National University Hospital, currently cooperating and working at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, will answer this question.

Nâng mũi Hàn Quốc có vĩnh viễn không là câu hỏi mà rất nhiều khách hàng quan tâm khi đang có dự định nâng mũi.

Expert Consultation: Is Korean Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Unlike traditional Rhinoplasty methods, Korean Rhinoplasty is an advanced technique. The use of artificial cartilage material combined with autologous cartilage brings high safety and compatibility with the body. Therefore, Korean Rhinoplasty is the solution to bring attractive, natural and long-lasting nose shapes that lasts over time.

As previously mentioned, the material employed in Korean Rhinoplasty is the ideal combination of artificial and autologous cartilage. Additionally, the Rhinoplasty procedure is performed in accordance with the principle, making it extremely safe for customers. Customers can rest assured knowing that the outcomes are long-lasting and eliminate the possibility of complications.

nâng mũi Hàn Quốc là sự kết hợp hoàn hảo giữa sụn nhân tạo và sụn tự thân.

Additionally, according to Professor/Dr. Lee Jung Hoon - Former Head of Plastic Surgery Department at JEJU National University Hospital, currently working at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, has pointed out the decisive factors that determine whether the nose is permanent as follows:

  • Korean Rhinoplasty requires highly skilled doctors with expertise who have successfully completed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures. This is crucial in limiting the risks associated with Rhinoplasty and any potential issues afterwards. Additionally, it guarantees rapid healing of wounds and long-term preservation of the aesthetics of the nose shape.

  • The material of artificial cartilage used to raise the bridge of the nose must be a high-grade biological cartilage with high compatibility with the body, tested by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and licensed for application. In addition, besides artificial cartilage, doctors also use autologous cartilage, so the cartilage removal process must also follow a closed process, performed in a sterile operating room, to ensure absolute safety.

  • The Aftercare process is the final determinant, helping the nose shape to recover according to the correct procedure and without any complications. Customers must retain and adhere to doctors' instructions to accomplish such. Avoid exposing open wounds to water, direct sunlight, or dust in particular. Also, clean the wound with cotton gauze and physiological saline.

  • Whether Korean Rhinoplasty is permanent or not also depends on the physique of each customer. After Rhinoplasty, some customers may maintain the results for a very long time, but some customers' cartilage will shrink over time, affecting the contour of the nose.

Exceptional Advantages Of Korean Rhinoplasty Over Other Rhinoplasty Methods

  • Safe, compatible to the human body

Due to the use of modern biological artificial cartilage to increase the nose bridge and autologous cartilage to cover the nose tip, Korean Rhinoplasty is regarded as a beauty procedure with a high level of safety. Autologous cartilage, primarily ear cartilage, is extracted from the customer's own body, ensuring high compatibility, minimizing irritation and elimination, and reducing unwanted complications.

  • Achieve high efficiency in Rhinoplasty

High-grade artificial cartilage, which is utilized in Korean Rhinoplasty, is soft and is placed raw so as not to expose the bridge, giving it a soft, natural appearance. Because autologous cartilage is highly compatible, covering the nose tip with it minimizes the red nose tip phenomenon while also bringing the bridge and the tip of the nose into harmony.

  • Short recovery period

The ideal combination of artificial and autologous cartilage, together with the high level of expertise of Professor/Dr. Lee Jung Hoon, creates highly appealing outcomes. The procedure is simple, quick, and non-invasive, which lessens the recuperation time. Customers do not need to spend a lot of time recovering after rhinoplasty, thus it does not affect their work and social life.

Trong nâng mũi Hàn Quốc, bác sĩ sẽ sử dụng 2 loại sụn chủ yếu, đó là sụn nhân tạo và sụn tự thân.

Types of cartilage utilized in Korean Rhinoplasty

In Korean Rhinoplasty, doctors will employ 2 main types of cartilage, which are artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage. However, doctors will recommend the best type of cartilage from different materials based on pre-existing nose flaws as well as financial capability.

The two primary types of cartilage utilized in Korean Rhinoplasty are as follows:

  • Artificial cartilage

Bio-artificial cartilage is composed of safe, benign substances, with almost absolute compatibility with the human body and cells. Previously, imported artificial cartilage from Korea was used in Korean rhinoplasty. To increase durability and reduce body rejection, this method currently also employs a variety of cartilage types, including Surgiform cartilage, Nanoform cartilage, American cartilage, etc.

  • Autologous cartilage

The majority of the autologous cartilage used in Rhinoplasty is taken from the ear cartilage, although in specific circumstances, doctors may also use rib, temporal muscle fascia, septum, etc. The effect of ear cartilage is to cover the nose tip, preventing the situation where artificial cartilage erodes the nose tip and results in redness, thinning skin, etc. Since autologous cartilage is extracted from the customer's body, it is completely compatible.

Bệnh viện Thẩm mỹ Ngọc Phú - Thương hiệu thẩm mỹ 35 năm của khách hàng trong và ngoài nước.

Where can customers get beautiful and prestigious Korean Rhinoplasty?

It is difficult to own a high nose and still maintain delicate, natural lines. To acquire the best aesthetic result, each customer must choose for themselves an established and high-quality aesthetic address.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is a 35-year-old aesthetic hospital serving both domestic and foreign customers. This is considered a Korean Rhinoplasty facility that is preferred and trusted by many beauty enthusiasts.

With Rhinoplasty at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, customers will receive the following benefits:

  • Beautiful nose shape that is naturally straight and delicate from all angles.

  • Quick implementation time, maintain long-term effect over time.

  • Correction of bad and unsightly noses, low nose deformities.

  • Committed to no discomfort, no complications, as well as not affecting the health of customers.

  • Professor/Dr. Lee Jung Hoon directly examines and advises customers, applying advanced and safe Rhinoplasty technology, committed to outstanding efficiency.

  • Customers no longer have to worry about whether Korean Rhinoplasty is permanent, because the Rhinoplasty procedure at Ngoc Phu is always conducted and supported by a quality machinery system.

  • The cost of Korean Rhinoplasty is extremely affordable, in addition to not incurring any other costs.

  • Long-term, clear warranty policy for all customers.

Photos of customers after successful Korean Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty at Korean Aesthetic Hospital brings safe aesthetic results. This is the perfect choice for everyone. Therefore, the question of whether Korean Rhinoplasty is permanent will be answered enthusiastically when customers come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic.