Chin Liposuction: The Complete Guide to Sculpting Your Jawline and Enhancing Your Appearance

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Over time, the facial skin becomes loose, sagging, especially in the chin area where a lot of excess fat will appear, even in cases when the customer’s body is very slim, not even overweight or obese. Chin Liposuction will be an effective solution to eliminate chin fat and solve this defect.

Phẫu thuật hút mỡ nọng cằm sẽ là giải pháp hiệu quả xóa tan cơn ác mộng mỡ phần nọng cằm.

  • Introduction

Chin Liposuction is a modern beauty method favored by many young people, due to its ability to remove excess fat in the chin area quickly, effectively and safely.

Through a small incision in the chin, doctors will insert a specialized liposuction device under the skin, after the liquefaction process, the excess fat will be brought out. The face will become slimmer and firmer after 5 days.

Hút mỡ nọng cằm là phương pháp hiện đại được nhiều bạn trẻ áp dụng, nhờ khả năng giải quyết lượng mỡ thừa ở vùng cằm một cách nhanh chóng

  • Method

Chin Liposuction is a modern beauty method, helping to remove fat at the chin area quickly and safely. Through a small incision under the chin, doctors will use a specialized device to liquefy and suck the fat out thoroughly.

Chin Liposuction is an extremely effective procedure that removes excess fat and fluid from the chin and around the neck area. As a result, customers can expect a significantly improved and firmer face shape.

Phẫu thuật hút mỡ nọng cằm là phương pháp hiện đại, giúp giải quyết phần mỡ tại vị trí nọng cằm một cách nhanh chóng và an toàn.


Chin Liposuction integrates 5 advantages in 1 technology: Non-invasive - No surgery - No scars - No diet - No fat accumulation.

Chin Liposuction is chosen by many young customers in order to achieve the trendy and luxurious V-line chin.

  • 90% of excess fat is eliminated after just 1 session

With smart transducer technology, the liposuction device will detect the excess fat tissue, liquefy and remove fat in just one procedure. Additionally, the appropriate vibration frequency energy will help break down even the most stubborn fat tissue to thoroughly bring it out.

  • A safe, non-invasive procedure that leaves no scars

Chin Liposuction applies endoscopic technology with appropriate vibration frequency to liquefy and bring out excess fat, thus it is not invasive to nearby organs.

In particular, doctors only create 1 small incision that will quickly recover so customers are assured that there will be no cosmetic traces and no scars like the traditional liposuction technique. This is the absolute scoring factor for customers.

  • Quick implementation time, the procedure only takes 30 minutes

Due to the superior operating mechanism, Chin Liposuction will take place quickly within 30 minutes. After that, the face will become youthful and slim.

  • The skin on the chin is firm, not sagging and not rough

As mentioned in the previous sections, after Chin Liposuction, the skin will become firmer and more elastic. Therefore, this procedure will minimize sagging skin in the liposuction area.

  • Fast recovery - No fat accumulation

Chin Liposuction not only helps to eliminate double chin but also helps prevent the accumulation of excess fat. Customers will not need to follow a diet or exercise and the chin will still keep the V-line shape for a long time.

Hút mỡ nọng cằm áp dụng công nghệ nội soi với tần số rung thích hợp, giúp hóa lỏng và đưa mỡ thừa ra ngoài

  • Specification

Chin Liposuction is one of the least invasive cosmetic surgeries. Chin Liposuction is a safe procedure and will not cause any harm to customers’ health if it is performed with the correct procedure and technique.

– Customers must be 18 years or older.

– Customers must meet the health requirements for the surgery.


  • Step 1: Examination and consultation

Doctors will directly examine and determine the amount of excess fat in the chin area, then instruct customers on what needs to be done before and after Chin Liposuction to achieve the highest aesthetic effect.

  • Step 2: General health check

After being fully examined and consulted, customers will receive a general health check and a number of tests such as: Electrocardiogram, blood test, blood pressure measurement, ultrasound, etc. From the test results, doctors will evaluate whether the customer is eligible to participate in the Chin Liposuction surgery.

  • Step 3: Perform Chin Liposuction

Doctors begin to perform Chin Liposuction at the predetermined position. This is a minor surgery so only anesthesia is required. During the procedure, customers will feel comfortable without any pain or discomfort.

  • Step 4: Post-operative care

After surgery, customers will be taken to a fully-equipped care room for modern health monitoring. Customers will also be carefully guided on how to take care of the chin at home before leaving.

Phương pháp hút mỡ nọng cằm được thực hiện an toàn tại Bệnh viện Thẩm mỹ Ngọc Phú bằng phương pháp gây tê.


  • Is Chin Liposuction painful?

Answer: Chin Liposuction is performed safely at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with the use of anesthesia. Therefore, during the procedure, customers will always feel comfortable, pleasant, and pain-free.

In the first few days after Chin Liposuction, customers will have a slight tingling sensation in the liposuction area. This feeling will disappear in the next few days, depending on the physical condition of each customer.

  • How long does the result last?

Answer: Modern endoscopic liposuction technology helps to completely remove excess fat in the chin area within 30 minutes. The effect after liposuction will be prolonged for a long period if customers also follow a scientific diet and do regular exercise so that fat tissue does not reproduce.

  • Does Chin Liposuction leave complications?

Answer: Endoscopic Chin Liposuction helps to limit invasiveness, along with the execution of highly qualified doctors, thus it minimizes possible complications after Chin Liposuction and brings no side effects.

  • Does Chin Liposuction leave scars?

Answer: Chin Liposuction completely leaves no scars since it is performed with a micro-suction tip less than 2mm in diameter, after the surgery, the incision will be sutured carefully with cosmetic threads so there will be no visible scars or traces of cosmetic intervention.