Should You Choose Eyelid Liposuction? How To Take Care Of Yourself After The Procedure

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Eyelid liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to give you a more attractive and charismatic look to the windows of their souls. Moreover, after the procedure, skins around the eye socket and facial skin in general will look younger, decrease stretch marks and creases.

Eyelids Liposuction Explains

Just like fat tissue in many other regions of the body, fat can also accumulate under eyelids causing the area to puff up. To access the fat tissue under one’s eyelids, the doctor will cut a small opening by the targeted area, separate the underlying fat tissue from the skin while also removing excess skin caused by stretches.

After completely removing the fat tissue, the surgeon will carefully align the patient's eyelids to balance the aesthetic of the whole face in general and seal the wound with medical suture. Most cosmetic establishments will use specialized medical suture for quicker recovery and scarless healing.

Even though eyelid liposuction is simple and considered to be a minor surgical procedure, it still requires the performing surgeon to be extremely precise and careful. With just a bit of excessive force during the process could damage the patient's eyes leading to impaired vision. Ensuring that the operating environment is sterilized is also a key factor or it could result with a heavy infection to the wound.

Eyelid liposuction or regularly known as puffy eye remover, could be applied to almost all customers who is looking for cosmetic improvements such as:

  • Customers from their 30s who possess puffy eyes from fat gathering or crow feets from aging.
  • Younger customers suffer from droopy eyes or excess skin around the eyes that cause their appearance to be older.

Whilst being a simple procedure, you should choose a reliable cosmetic establishment for the safest and most effective result. There will always be consultation by a specialized doctor before every procedure to answer any question you might have.

Liposuction Aftercare Instructions

After a liposuction procedure, your eyes will start to swell up, it is completely a normal phenomenon when having surgical procedures done. Through time they will shrink to the original size, for better recovery you should apply an ice pack over the swell regularly and follow closely to the doctor’s instructions.


Follow these guides from doctors to quicken your healing process and avoid any lasting scars or infections:

  • Use saltwater lightly with cotton swabs to properly clean your eyelids, apply a layer of Povidone after.
  • You can take off your eye bandage 24 hours after the surgery, but still cover properly to avoid sunlight and dirt.
  • Caution when washing your face, keep your wound dry to avoid the risk of infection.
  • Prevent any direct contact to the area like: rubbing, wearing contact lens, make-up,...
  • Get your eyes checked-up regularly according to the doctor’s appointments.
  • Add more fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals to your daily diet.

Eyelids liposuction is a simple minor surgery that is popular among customers who wish to improve their facial features, remove droopy and puffy eyes. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital or come directly to 231 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.


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