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Permanent Hair Removal

Hair Removal technology with New Elight technology at Ngoc Phu Hospital with outstanding features such as effective hair removal, smooth skin, treat folliculitis, safer and no pain or skin irritation ... New Elight hair removal technology is the most modern today, helps women quickly own whiter, smoother and flawless skin.

why ?

you should choose hair remove by new elight 

As women, everyone wants to own smoother, brighter and flawless skin to be able to confidently wear favorite clothes. However, the fact is that not everyone can get this luck, many women are quite annoyed by hirsutism which makes you lose your softness and self-confidence in communication. New technology at Ngoc Phu Hospital will quickly help you overcome this defect.
With the introduction of a series of advanced technologies in beauty enhancement, in which we must include effective hair removal by New Elight. This is an effective solution to thoroughly remove hair, helps regenerate collagen and tightens skin to be smooth. New Elight technology has been strictly tested about its effect and safety by FDA and is suitable for all kinds of clients.

1Effectively remove hair

New Elight light will impact directly on the hair follicles to make maximum absorption of melanin in the form of fibers. This makes the hairs weaken and fall naturally. After treatment, the hair will not grow back because New Elight rays inhibit the growth of hair follicles. Therefore, the hair can not absorb nutrients and be removed from the germ stage.



2 Gentle hair removal technology

Energy of RF waves are adjusted at an appropriate wavelength so that there is no skin irritation. At the same time, instant cooling system will not be flushed skin. Therefore, New Elight is considered as a safe hair removal technology and be gentle to the skin.

3Result as expected

New Elight technology brings perfect result for hair removal, helps tighten pores effectively. Besides, this technology also helps support treat folliculitis and remove bruises on the skin. After therapy from 4-6 times , you will own smooth and flawless skin.


who? nshould apply new elight technology

1 Applies to all hair areas of the body such as arms, legs, face, underarms, bikini area.

2 Who have already applied other hair removal methods but did not achieve the result as desired.

3 Apply for both men and women.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious address for hair removal

  Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is one of the safest and the most effective address for hair removal today. We are proud to be one of the leaders in the applying modern technology in beauty enhancement, including New Elight - effective hair removal.

New Elight Technology at Hospital Ngoc Phu not only helps remove hair in the whole body completely, but also helps women quickly own soft and whiter skin, makes you more confident with your favorite outfits.



1 Plastic Surgery Hospital with many years of experience in skin care and skin treatment.

2 The most modern and effective hair removal technology today.

3Effective treatment which has been proven by a lot of clients.

4You will be followed and taken care of during treatment.


NEW LIGHT - effective hair removal

Technology New E Light is the perfect combination of RF high frequency waves and IPC photonic rays. We use good wavelengths to penetrate through the dermis of the skin, as production of the light pulse and step appropriate wave. When impulses flow activities will affect the hair follicle germ, as they separated from the skin cells, therefore, these hairs are gently removed without affecting the structure of the agencies around jet.

 When light Elight deep into the skin and in the skin to eliminate fur animal nutrition, make the hairs weak and fall out naturally. New Eligt technology cooling system and mode instantly moisturizes your skin from drying out, but the method of hair removal before. Therefore, the skin remains smooth white, while ensuring safety.



1Triệt lông hiệu quả đến 95%.

2Đảm bảo an toàn tuyệt đối cho da, không làm đỏ da, không đau.

3Giúp làn da trắng sáng hơn và làm thu nhỏ lỗ chân lông.

4Khắc phục tình trạng viêm nang lông hiệu quả.

5Không mất thời gian nghỉ dưỡng sau khi điều trị.


time and cost

Dịch vụ Giá ( Triệu VNĐ) Thời gian ( Phút)
Triệt lông mặt 800.000VNĐ/lần 60 phút
Triệt lông mép 400.000VNĐ/lần 45 phút
Triệt lông nách 600.000VNĐ/lần 60 phút
Triệt lông rốn 600.000VNĐ/lần 60 phút
Triệt lông 1/2 tay 1.200.000VNĐ/lần  75 phút
Triệt lông nguyên tay 1.500.000VNĐ/lần 75 phút
Triệt lông 1/2 chân  1.800.000VNĐ/lần 75 phút
Triệt lông nguyên chân 2.200.000VNĐ/lần 75 phút
Triệt lông bikini 1.000.00VNĐ/lần 60 phút
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