Which Ointment Should You Use After Eyebrow Spray? The Best Eyebrow Spray Aftercare Instructions

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Experts claim that the final aesthetic outcome will be as desired if customers choose a reliable eyebrow spray address, combined with proper medicine administration and abstinence. As a result, many women are still highly cautious and unsure about which product to use after spraying their eyebrows. In this article, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will help customers resolve this concern!

nhiều chị em đã băn khoăn, không biết bôi thuốc gì sau khi phun lông mày

Why is it necessary to apply ointment after Eyebrow Spray?

Eyebrow Spray is a modern method to resolve sparse eyebrows, outdated eyebrows spray, short eyebrows, mismatch eyebrow color, etc. Although it is considered a safe beauty method with only minor invasiveness, the impact of the needle when injecting will cause small damage on the skin surface. For women with a rough physique, there may even be more swelling.

Phun lông mày là giải pháp hiện đại, nhằm khắc phục tình trạng lông mày thưa, dáng mày lỗi thời, lông mày bị cụt đuôi, màu sắc lông mày không được đẹp,...

That is why after Eyebrow Spray, customers need to have a proper care regimen for the eyebrows. Ointment application is one of the key steps that must be taken according to professionals' instructions.

Ointment to be applied after Eyebrow Spray has 2 forms, cream and gel, used to help the eyebrows fade and show color more naturally. In addition, the ointment also has the following uses:

  • Helps to soothe and reduce swelling for the wound.

  • Promotes the development of fresh skin layers, generating the desired color to the eyebrows.

  • Helps prevent scarring and shields the damaged area of the eyebrows from the damaging effects of dirt, water, etc.

  • Improve anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and recovery time.

Which Ointment Should You Use After Eyebrow Spray?

Many women wonder which ointment should be used after Eyebrow Spray. Today's market offers a wide variety of ointments. Customers can take into account the following topical medications when deciding which is best for the brows after spraying:

  • Tetracycline Ointment

Tetracycline is a recommendation that shouldn't be ignored if customers are unsure of what medication to use after Eyebrow Spray. This is an ointment that reduces infection on the wound surface and can be used on the eyebrows after spraying to soothe and promote the healing process of the wound, protecting the skin from dirt and sunlight.

Nếu chị em băn khoăn không biết nên bôi thuốc gì sau khi phun lông mày thì Tetracyclin là một gợi ý không thể bỏ qua.

  • Chlorocina - H Ointment

Chlorocina - H ointment has anti-inflammatory effects, softens and promotes the rapid formation of new skin. This product has the effect of minimizing the formation of bad scars after Eyebrow Spray.

Sản phẩm thuốc mỡ Chlorocina – H mang đến công dụng giúp kháng viêm, làm mềm và thúc đẩy quá trình da non hình thành nhanh chóng hơn.

  • Power Repair CSLab Complex Ointment

Power Repair CSLab Complex is an all-natural ointment that helps to promote new skin regeneration to restore damaged skin. This product also contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, infection-fighting, and allergy-fighting properties. As a result, the eyebrows will be stabilized and more evenly colored. Thus, when it comes to ointment for Eyebrow Spray, Power Repair CSLab Complex is a necessary medication.

Power Repair CSLab Complex là sản phẩm thuốc mỡ được có thành phần hoàn toàn thiên nhiên, giúp tăng cường tái tạo làn da mới để phục hồi làn da đang bị tổn thương.

Proper instructions for applying ointment after Eyebrow Spray

Applying ointment after Eyebrow Spray is quite simple and anyone can do it. The question of how much to apply and how to do it properly is another matter. To properly apply the ointment and avoid unwanted risks, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will instruct customers on how to apply ointment most efficiently through the following steps:

  • Step 1: To prevent bacteria from entering the wounded eyebrow area, customers must wash their hands with antiseptic solutions before applying ointment to the brow area.

  • Step 2: Use a cotton swab dipped in warm water, gently dab on the eyebrows to remove dirt and bacteria, which also assists the ointment in promoting the expected effect.

  • Step 3: Take a sufficient amount of ointment, gently apply a thin layer on the eyebrow area. Use the recommended amount, exceeding it may affect the absorption of nutrients in the ointment.

 việc bôi thuốc mỡ sau khi phun lông mày khá đơn giản, ai cũng có thể thực hiện được. Tuy nhiên, cần bôi với liều lượng bao nhiêu, bôi như thế nào cho đúng lại là chuyện khác.

Reminder: Customers should apply the ointment regularly for the first 2 to 3 days and should stop after the eyebrows are completely peeled.

Với những chia sẻ trên đây, chắc hẳn chị em đã được giải đáp cho vấn đề nên bôi thuốc gì sau khi phun lông mày.

Considerations to take after applying the ointment

Customers must have found the answer to the question of which ointment to use after Eyebrow Spray with the information provided above. Although the ointment is relatively easy to use, customers should keep in mind the following guidelines to ensure that the ointment works best after Eyebrow Spray:

  • For sensitive skin, easily irritated by any of the ingredients in the medicine, please consult your doctor beforehand to ensure safety.

  • In the process of applying ointment to quickly peel off the eyebrows, customers must absolutely prevent water from getting into the wound, especially water in areas containing a lot of chemicals or swimming pools.

  • The ointment helps the eyebrows peel off faster after spraying. Once the eyebrows have peeled off, customers must not arbitrarily peel off the eyebrow scales and let them fall off naturally, otherwise it will affect the color of the eyebrows.

  • Use only ointments that help the eyebrows to fall off. Stop applying ointment once the eyebrows start self-shedding and switch to a moisturizer suitable for the Eyebrow Spray area to prevent infection.

  • Protect the skin carefully before going out to avoid sunlight during the first 2 weeks after spraying.

The information provided above should help customers decide which ointment to use after Eyebrow Spray. We hope that the information in this article has helped customers in understanding the aftercare process for the eyebrows. Please follow Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital to learn more helpful information about cosmetics and skin care!


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