Which Skin Tone Can Undergo Vermilion Lip Spray?

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The popularity of Vermilion Lip Spray is undeniable, yet many customers are still unsure of whether they would look good in this shade. With the help of Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, let's determine which skin tones Vermilion Lip Spray complements the best.

The skin tones that are the perfect match for the color Vermilion

When considering a Vermilion Lip Spray, it is advisable to take your skin tone into consideration because it will have an impact on the color of the lips after spraying and the overall beauty of the face.

  • Light skin tone: For customers who own white skin, it is very simple to choose the ink color. As a result, vermilion will be ideal for achieving a youthful and harmonious face. Although not too prominent, this color still exudes charm and elegance for ladies.
  • Medium skin tone: Pinkish Orange Collagen Lip Spray, also known as the Nude Color, is the best option for a medium skin tone that is neither too bright nor too dark. With this choice, your natural beauty will be enhanced rather than drowned out.
  • Medium dark skin tone: The traditional orange color is the greatest option for customers with dark skin tones. This lip color will undoubtedly make an impression on others. In Western countries, customers with dark skin also often use this shade.
  • Dark skin tone: Some customers own natural dark skin, which makes choosing an ink color for Lip Spray more complicated. For this skin tone, Burnt Orange is recommended as a color choice. This type of hue will undoubtedly create highlights without overly darkening the face, preventing the sense of being excessive when going down the street.

Criteria to pick an Vermilion shade

Vermilion Lip Spray is considered the easiest color to use on the lips. However, to better suit the style and appearance of each person, before choosing, customers need to be consider the following factors:

  • Skin tones

As mentioned before, skin tone is a factor that greatly determines the choice of ink color to be sprayed on the lips. If customers choose the color randomly without considering any factors, it can cause an imbalance in the overall face, significantly impacting the aesthetics.

If customers continue to "go with the flow" without considering their skin tone, it may result in situations where the colors mismatch, too dark or looking unreasonable, etc.  Therefore, according to specialists at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, Vermilion Lip Spray is suitable for customers with fair to dark skin tones. Vermilion will help dark-skinned girls balance their skin tone, and at the same time make the skin more radiant without darkening it.

In addition, customers with fair skin after Vermilion Lip Spray will further enhance the natural rosy and white skin, creating a sharper and younger face.

  • Personal style

Although customers should heed the advice before selecting an ink color, they shouldn't be overly rigid, especially if they have strong personalities. Sometimes picking a striking color will create a distinctive look that will impress others.

For example: Even though they have dark skin tones, Western girls with strong personalities are typically drawn to bright colors, which give them a striking and individual charm. The true marker of beauty is self-confidence.

Girls that are young, active, and have strong personalities will therefore always be an excellent match for Vermilion Lip Spray. Girls that are courageous and brave will likewise look fantastic in the orange tint.

  • Age

The most suitable lip color for customers will be recommended by specialists at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital based on their age before the lips are sprayed. This is a highly important factor because it has the potential to bother those around, despite the fact that it has no impact on aesthetics. Customers over 40 who choose hues that are overly youthful and brilliant, for example, will likely face criticism.

According to specialists, Vermilion Lip Spray is best suited for customers between the ages of 20 and 40.

Vermilion Lip Spray - The most appreciated color tone

Vermilion Lip Spray is very popular among young people. It is considered the most standard color when choosing lip spray. Given that it goes well with a wide variety of makeup looks, this color also makes customers’ faces look young, vibrant, and fresh. Vermilion Collagen Lip Spray also helps in eliminating the problem of dark, dull, and dry lips altogether.

Nevertheless, the following considerations should be made when choosing Vermilion Lip Spray:

  • Customers between the ages of 20 and 40 will benefit most from Vermilion Lip Spray. Because according to experts, this lip color spray will be most suitable for young people who love fresh, bright lip colors.
  • Vermilion in particular complements a wide range of skin tones, especially rosy, fair skin. For customers with cool toned skin, this color will assist lighten the complexion's pallor. Additionally, dark-skinned ladies who choose this shade will make the skin look more appealing and brighter.

Vermilion Collagen Lip Spray from Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will also help customers’ lips to be beautifully colored, stretchy, soft, and most natural while preventing the condition of dryness, dullness in the lips, maintaining and keeping the lip color for a long time.

Popular tones of Orange

There are many other orange tones other than Vermilion that are well-liked by customers and are undoubtedly timeless, guaranteed to never go out of trend. Typical orange shades include:

  • Bright Orange Lip Spray

Without the need to mix with any other colors, just choosing a bright orange color can still be enough for customers to highlight their lip color and skin tone. Bright orange can also make the face appear more dynamic, youthful, and fashionable. The bright orange color is most suitable for customers with fair skin who like to impress. Additionally, Bright Orange Lip Spray guarantees that it won't be outdated over time.

  • Cantaloupe (Milky Orange) Lip Spray

Cantaloupe has a cool, vibrant, and alluring tone owing to the perfect blending of bright orange and pink. When customers wear this color, it will create a nobility, beauty and attractiveness. Especially, with the color Cantaloupe, ladies will not have to worry about being out of trend, and this color will make the face become more youthful and full of personality.

  • Burnt Orange Lip Spray

The color that many customers favor is Burnt Orange Lip Spray, sometimes referred to as the Nude color. Burnt Orange is a blend of orange mixed with a bit of earthy brown, so it will be more orange than brown. Many customers still call this color by the names Nude Orange, Earthy Orange or Brick Orange.

This Burnt Orange tint enhances the appearance of the face and gives the lips a larger, more appealing appearance. Customers with fair complexion, and especially those with honey skin, are the greatest candidates for Burnt Orange.

  • Peach Orange Lip Spray

Peach Orange, which has been around for a while but has just recently established its status as a trendy color, is among the top most popular orange lip spray shades, along with Burnt Orange and Bright Orange.

Peach Orange Lip Spray works nicely for a variety of skin tones, whether fair or dark. You can choose this color to balance pigmentation, make the skin brighter and more vibrant, especially for customers with pale, pallor skin.

Peach Orange will make the overall aesthetics more tender, feminine, sweet and seductive. In addition, it makes the face look younger and more lively.

  • Coral Lip Spray

Coral ink color is a combination of two bright colors, orange and pink with more orange. These two hues work well together to create a soft, warm tone. Since it makes ladies more feminine, delicate and cute, the Coral tone is therefore ideally suited for girls who adore the girly style.

Coral Orange is also suitable for individuals with fair or pale skin because it will help balance out skin tone and make them appear more vibrant and radiant.

Who should select Vermilion as the Lip Spray color?

To determine if Vermilion is the right choice or not, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will demonstrate some cases for each customer's reference:

  • Dark lips

Some people have dark lips because of their physical nature or because they use lipsticks containing a lot of lead, which darkens and dulls the lips. Customers should consider darkening treatment and Collagen Lip Spray to increase lip pigmentation in order to regain a youthful, natural lip color and improve facial features.

  • The lips are too thin

Customers with thin lips are regarded traditionally as being promiscuous and disloyal. Thin lips are perceived as a flaw for customers, thus to rectify the issues, customers only need to employ a lip spray service to make the lips appear slightly thicker, harmonious, and balanced with the facial features.

  • The lips are too thick

As for the ladies who own thick lips and want to thin them out, it is best to choose the method of creating lip borders with not too glossy tones. Because if customers decide to spray their lips in that manner, it will emphasize the imperfections.

Collagen Lip Spray technology at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital

There are many different types of very modern lip spray technologies available today that produce excellent results and have a high level of efficiency. In particular, the Collagen Lip Spray technique is employed at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.

Collagen Lip Spray, also known as Glossy Lip Spray, is very popular among many customers. Originating from Korea, Collagen Lip Spray can create beautiful, natural, glossy, soft and lively lips.

  • Advantages: Modern Lip Spray technology helps to enhance the color of the lips, giving them a beautiful, youthful appearance. The result is long-lasting and won't wear off over time. In particular, it contains collagen, keeping customers from experiencing dry, cracked, and peeling lips after spraying.
  • Disadvantages: Creating a stunning lip color requires two to three attempts. This process is only for changing the lip color, but not the shape of the lips.

What should be noted after Collagen Lip Spray?

Customers must definitely adhere to following recommendations after Collagen Lip Spray:

  • In the first 3 days after Lip Spray, customers must not let the lips come into contact with water.
  • It is advised that customers brush their teeth with salt water everyday.
  • Abstain from foods that are easy to fester and cause scarring such as beef, water spinach, seafood, pineapples, etc. Only then will the color of the lips last long and be naturally beautiful.
  • Definitely refrain from using bare hands to touch the lips or the scales on the lips, absolutely avoid peeling, let everything peel naturally.
  • When the scab has peeled off on its own, customers should lick their lips 3 times a day.

It is best to keep the aforementioned considerations in mind before settling on Vermilion Lip Spray or any other color with Collagen Lip Spray technology. To ensure safety and avoid signs of damaged lip spray, it is important to choose a reputable lip spray facility. Hopefully the information shared in this article has brought customers useful knowledge. Thank you to all readers for reading this article by Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.