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Cleavage Determinants In Breast Augmentation - The Latest Technique Today

Safe Cleavage Determinants In Breast Augmentation is a new technique for all defects of the breast as flat, sagging or irregular ... This is a completely new method to help women own shapely, soft and natural breast with seductive cleavage, maintaining perpetual charm.

what are new in Cleavage Determinants?

This is a method in which our surgeons will put breast implants into the breast cavity. Then we gently make an incision by modern endoscopic equipments. In addition, we ensure the safety and give you natural shapely breast. Especially, with this new technique, we will help create super standard cleavage which will be beautiful, appropriate with the body.

why? a lot of Ladies choose this surgery today

This method is considered as a great selection of women because it helps overcome all defects of the breast. It also gives you perfect results with 4 elements that previous methods could not provide:

1Fuller breast with attractive cleavage

Most Asian women have modest bust which is not appropriate with the body so it cannot show the charm of women. With completely new technique of breast augmentation will help breast become fuller and naturally soft. Technique of incising help making the standard cleavage, maintaining beautiful breast result permanently.

2Safe and painless

This new method with the support of modern endoscopic equipment helps our doctors perform exactly, minimize any invasive damages and absolutely not effect the tissues around. It's absolutely safe for you, for our clients.

Operation time is quick ( just about 45 minutes ) and you will be given an anesthetic during surgery. Therefore, the surrgery will be gently done without pain. Furthermore, it does not take much recovery time  too.

3No visible scar

Our surgeon just makes a small incision deeply in your armpit. Then, postoperative scar will fade and dissapear over time, giving the best breast for the body without any traces of cosmetic surgery.

4Result of nice breast will get long-term stability

Breast bags are directly imported from the US, designed in accordance with the stature of Asian women and granted permanent warranty. These bags will be exactly incised and fixed in the chest cavity so that they will not be shifted, help your breast balanced, stable and maintaining beautiful long-term result. Particularly, endoscopic breast augmentation technique will absolutely not affect the function of breastfeeding.

who should apply breast augmentation

1Who want to own more attractive chest size.

2Two sides of your breast are not equal.

3Who are not pregnant or breastfeeding

4Ladies who have good health and aged from 18 years old and above.



1Examination and consultancy

Customers will be examined and received general health check to ensure the eligibility before breast augmentation surrgery.


Breast augmentation is a major surgery; therefore, it must be performed in hospital specialized cosmetic surgery. Before the surgery, customers will receive anesthesia so it will be absolutely painless during the procedure.

3Performing endoscopic breast augmentation

Endoscopic breast augmentation is done through a small incision in the armpit, making spaces and put the bags inside the incised chest cavity, then closing incisions by aesthetic sutures.

4Ending the procedure

After closing the incision by aesthetic sutures, customers will receive bodyshape tape and end the breast augmentation procedure.

result after breast augmentation

1Beautiful fuller breast as you wish

2Your breast will be soft as natural

3Maintain long-term result of beautiful breast

4Forever warranty for chest bags.




Lưu ý : kết quả thẩm mỹ phụ thuộc vào đường nét có sẵn và cơ địa từng người

Lưu ý : kết quả thẩm mỹ phụ thuộc vào đường nét có sẵn và cơ địa từng người

Lưu ý : kết quả thẩm mỹ phụ thuộc vào đường nét có sẵn và cơ địa từng người

Lưu ý : kết quả thẩm mỹ phụ thuộc vào đường nét có sẵn và cơ địa từng người

Lưu ý : kết quả thẩm mỹ phụ thuộc vào đường nét có sẵn và cơ địa từng người

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