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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Woman's beautiful breasts must ensure some factors such as plump breasts, areola and nipple are appropriate. However, the fact is that not everyone can own this beauty. Large and inappropriate nipples will affect the breasts a lot, cause inferiority complex to women. One of the main causes which makes nipples be large, stretched is due to many factors such as genetics or lactation.

Nipple Reduction

why ?

should you apply nipple reduction

Understanding the essential beauty needs of women, beauty experts have researched and given method of nipple reduction by  modern technology of cosmetic surgery. This method is absolutely safe to help bring to women naturally beautiful nipples as twenties.
Nipple reduction is a surgery to reduce the size of the nipple in accordance with the standard rate and simultaneously remove the excess skin in the nipples to help reconstruct the new nipple shape. Nipple Reduction is simple minor surgery to help nipples be slim, appropriate with the shape of breasts. Depending on the condition of the client's nipples, our surgeon will:

- Clients who have large and heavy nipples which pull down the breasts: our surgeons will remove the excess part of the nipple and close the incision by aesthetic surture in order to make nipples be smaller, suitable with breasts.

- Clients whose nipples protrude excessively, are not proportional with breasts: our surgeon will remove the excess skin around the neck of nipples, reduce the height of the nipples by pushing them into mammary gland.

1The most advanced technology of nipple reduction today 

Nipple Reduction is done in Ngoc Phu Hospital with the latest techniques enable you to own perfect beauty of the breasts, help you feel more confident with perfect breasts.

2 Professional working style

Procedures of treatment are done in accordance with the professional standards of the consultation, examination, surgery, cusromer care ... you will be assured and satisfied with the results of nipple reduction.

3 Absolutely safe for clients

Our team of physicians with over 25 years of experience is very important factor to bring the successful surgery to clients as expected. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is considered as the most prestigious place  by most women because we not only always ensure absolute safety, but also always satisfy all of our clients.

who? should apply nipple reduction

1Who have large, long and inappropriate nipples.

2Who has already applied nipple reduction but did not achieve desired result.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital 

the best address for nipple reduction

Since the nipple reduction method was introduced and it helped many women no longer have to worry because of this defect on the breasts. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will help you own the perfect beauty quickly, help women be always confident with their own beauty and attraction by perfect breasts.
Nipple Reduction technique in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has been directly transferred from Korea and performed in accordance with standard procedures of the Ministry of Health, ensuring absolute safety, bringing desired result and the most satisfaction to clients.


1Examination and consultation

The surgeon will examine the condition of nipple, from which he will advise clients the most effective nipple reduction method.

2Clean and anesthetize nipple area

 The nipple area of clients will be thoroughly cleaned and anesthetized to ensure that clients will feel painless and comfortable.

3Perform surgery

Our surgeons will gently incise to remove the excess skin in nipples or remove the extra skin around to reduce its length.

4End the procedure of nipple reduction

After the nipple is reduced in size as determined, or surgeon will close the incision by tiny sutures and finish the procedure.













- Create the balance between the nipple and areola.
- Thoroughly correct too long nipple.



Time and cost

treatment price ( usd ) Time ( minute )
Nipple Reduction 400 30
Areola Reduction 500-600 30
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation with safe gel bags  2750 60
Cleavage Determinants in Breast Augmentation  3250 60
Breast Reconstruction to Correct Ptosis (Level 1) 1400 45
Breast Reconstruction to Correct Ptosis (Level 2,3) 2400 60
Breast Reduction ( Level 1 ) 2750 60
Breast Reduction ( Level 2 ) 3250 60

*US. Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

( Price of Surgeries and Treatment will change according to the current dollar price )

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