Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings is one of the methods for restoring tooth shape and preventing bacteria from invading the tooth enamel. Dental fillings utilize specialized materials in dentistry to restore the natural shape and function of chipped, damaged or decaying teeth.
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Cosmetic Dental Fillings is a dental procedure that restores the function of damaged teeth such as cavities, chipped teeth, fractured teeth, sparse teeth, and so on. This method preserves the natural beauty of the teeth while also maintaining masticatory function, preventing the formation of damaged teeth and other oral diseases.


Dental Fillings helps to restore the shape of the teeth, correcting defects on the surface of the teeth such as chipped, broken pieces, small crevices, and lightly sparse teeth. The teeth will have the same color and smooth like real ones after filling.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings utilizes dental composite compounds combined with laser light to harden the composite and firmly fix the composite to real teeth. As a result, Dental Fillings can help improve masticatory function, aesthetics, as well as enhance confidence when communicating.


The Dental Fillings procedure not only restores tooth function but also improves the aesthetics of the teeth. Filling materials currently available are color-optimized to match the natural color of teeth.

If customers' teeth are decayed, chipped, damaged, etc., Dental Fillings is the quickest and most convenient method being chosen by many people for the following benefits:

  • Effective prevent tooth decay

Dental Fillings not only restores the original tooth shape but also protects the teeth from the invasion of bacteria that cause tooth decay. When a cavity develops in a tooth that hasn't been treated, it can quickly spread.

  • Bring aesthetics to the teeth

The materials used in Dental Fillings are highly aesthetic, resulting in long-lasting, natural-looking teeth.

  • Restore the teeth's original shape

The original shape of the teeth will be restored after Dental Fillings, which will greatly enhance confidence when smiling.

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This procedure is suitable for people with:

  • Mild caries with small cavities visible on the teeth
  • Mild exposed tooth root
  • Injuries causing chipping, broken teeth
  • Sparse teeth that cause aesthetic loss
  • Examination and consultation

The dentist examines the condition of the teeth to determine the direction of treatment. If necessary, the root canal will be treated before Dental Fillings.

  • Fit filling materials on the teeth

Before Dental Fillings, the teeth will be disinfected. Then, with a special tool, the dentist will employ flexible filling materials into the teeth to start filling.

  • Shape the fillings

After the fillings are placed into the teeth and shaped like real ones, they will be highly aesthetic.

  • Employ laser light

Laser light cures the fillings for 40 to 50 seconds to maintain a strong tooth shape.

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Where can I get safe and reputable Dental Fillings?

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital specializes in cosmetic surgery with doctors of more than 30 years of experience. The technique of Cosmetic Dental Fillings is transferred directly from aboard, ensuring long-term safety, giving customers the most satisfied aesthetic outcomes.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital employs imported filling materials that are consistently committed to providing quality and safety to customers, resulting in long-term maintenance outcomes with no complications.

A team of leading prestigious doctors and dentists in the field of cosmetic surgery with delicate aesthetic eyes ensures to bring customers beautiful and natural teeth after Dental Fillings.

Does Cosmetic Dental Fillings have any effect on teeth?

Cosmetic Dental Fillings utilizes high quality and safe composite materials with laser light technologies to conceal defects on the teeth and prevent tooth decay from developing. As a result, dental fillings have no direct effect on the teeth's internal structure (enamel, pulp, etc.), effectively limit discomfort, and thus create no negative effect on the teeth.

What should and should not be done after Cosmetic Dental Fillings?

  • Customers should follow the dentist's oral care regimen and eat soft foods after Cosmetic Dental Fillings to ensure the fillings' stability and aesthetics.
  • After Dental Fillings, wait at least 2 hours before eating to allow the fillings to dry and attach to the teeth.
  • To avoid damaging the fillings, abstain from foods that are overly hard or tough.
  • Avoid consuming foods that are too hot or too cold to prevent the fillings from expanding and slipping off.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene and use dental floss to prevent food from getting stuck between the teeth. Perform proper brushing with gentle, moderate brushing force.
  • Gargle or sip warm salt water several times a day, especially after each meal.
  • It is recommended that every 6 months customers have to return to the hospital for periodical re-examinations.

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