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How much does Korean Rhinoplasty cost?

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be a prestigious plastic surgery hospital, with a team of experienced surgeons and modern equipments according to international standard. We always transfer and apply new technology in beauty treatments, in which Korean rhinoplasty is a outstanding strength at our hospital.


 Korean rhinoplasty surgery is currently one of beauty treatments which many women choose to enhance the beauty of the nose. Before you decide to get rhinoplasty, many women care about "How much does Korean rhinoplasty cost?". Many ladies are still uncertain because a growing number of aesthetic clinics  increase with different prices. Therefore, you should carefully consider to select a prestigious address with reasonable cost but still ensure quality, safety and result as you want. This is very difficult.

How much does Korean rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty surgery is simple or not depending on the nasal structure of each person. Korean Rhinoplasty has many different technique such as: Rhinoplasty cartilage craft, Sline rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty by your cartilage… Therefore, the cost for Korean rhinoplasty at each place will be different. The difference is depending on the techniques, implants, first time in rhinoplasty or not...

Depending on specific cases of your nose, we will decide the cost of your rhinoplasty surgery:

-          Complex or simple techniques for your nose shape

-          Nose with defects as big wide alar, round short nose tip, broken or short nasal bridge

-          Your desired nose shape?

-          Implants for rhinoplasty ?


-          Non-surgical rhinoplasty                                : 250 - 500 USD

-          Korean Rhinoplasty                                        : 500 USD

-          Nose reshaping                                                : 750 USD

-          Tip rhinoplasty by your soft tissue                  : 1250 USD

-          Sline Rhinoplasty                                             : 1500 USD

-          Sline rhinoplasty and nose reshaping               : 2000 USD

-          Dorsal hump, nasal tip reduction                     : 1350 – 1600 USD

     The cost for men is higher from 100 - 250 USD

  When you decise to get Korean rhinoplasty, you should choose a good plastic surgery hospital to achieve the desired results. Because our hospital is fully equipped with modern equipments, a team of experienced surgeons and the most advanced techniques which are always applied in all beauty treatments. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be a prestigious hospital with good quality, always satisfy our clients with the highest results.

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