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Tummy tuck - Abdominoplasty

Oversize waist is always a general concern of women, especially for cases of stomach sagging, stomach with much fat and excess or wrinkled skin, ... losing inherent curve of women. Therefore, tummy tuck is considered as the most effective solution for slim waist, completely and quickly solve the condition of excess skin, sagging skin, for firm waist as the age of twenty.

hút mỡ bụng tạo hình thành bụng săn chắc thon gọn quyến rũ tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Ngọc Phú

why ?

should you apply tummy tuck ?

The common weight loss methods such as diet, exercise ... are very hard to get in shape. Even after weight loss, it will lead to the condition of loose skin. Therefore, tummy tuck is the only solution to help remove the excess skin and fat and help abdominal muscle be firmer, abdominal skin be smoothly rejuvenated and stretched. This method is quickly done without much downtime or training effort.

1Reconstruct abdominal wall by superior technology

Abdominal wall reconstruction methods in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic hospital with many outstanding differences to help bring the desired result to clients.


2Reconstruct abdomimal wall to be tight, natural beautiful:

In this process, the subcutaneous fat tissue will be completely removed, and at the same time the excess skin will be removed by our surgeon. Then he will reconstruct abdominal wall by using small sutures. After postoperative abdominal wall becomes firmer , smooth and natural beautiful.

3Absolutely safe and natural beautiful

Technique of abdominal wall reconstruction is done by a team of experienced surgeon so we ensure absolute safety. During surgery, clients will be given a anesthesia so it's completely painless. Micro-surgical surturation technique with very small incision and scar will fade according to time..


4Long-term result

Excess fat and loose skin will be completely removed. Therefore, after the surgery customers can maintain slim and firm waistline.

Who should apply this surgery?

1Who have large waistline, much excess fat and loose skin.

2Who want to get rid of flabby stomach.

3Who want to reconstruct their abdominal wall and slimmer their waist.

4Apply for both men and women.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital

Safe place for tummy tuck

Ngoc Phu Hospital is one of the prestigious and popular place for plastic surgery today. Our doctors with over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery are transferred the latest Koren technology to the apply for Vietnamese.

Ngoc Phu Hospital has modern facilities and systems of advanced equipment. We ensure that all surgeries are performed in a absolute sterile environment. In particular, Abdominal Reconstruction is a major surgery so must be done at a hospital of cosmetic surgery to ensure its success. Ngoc Phu Hospital reaches all the strict standards and always satisfies all customers.


1Consultation and examination 

2General Health Examination 

3General Anesthesia

Absolutely no pain during the surgery.


4Performing surgery

Our surgeons will remove excess fat and peel loose skin at the identified position. Then they will suture the abdominal wall muscles and tighten the abdominal musculature. The incision is closed by tiny sutures.


- Slimmer and firm waist 
- Natural beauty
- Sagging and wrinkled abdominal skin will be completely overcome.
- Maintain a long-term effect.
- Then customer can still get pregnancy as normal.

Time and cost

Treatment price (USD) Time (minute)
Tummy tuck - Abdominoplasty 2250 - 2340 90
Abdominal Liposuction 1400-1600 60
Thigh Liposuction 1000-1250 60
Hip, Waist Liposuction 1250-1500 60
Arm Liposuction 900-1000 45
Back Liposuction 1300-1900  60

*1 USD = 20.000VND in the above price list (They may be changed over time)

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