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Nasal Tip Reduction

The nasal tip is big and rough which makes the nose lose its delicate beauty and softness. This has a huge impact to the beauty of the face so it is a big concern of women. Nose tip reduction is the most effective method to improve the status of big nasal tip and help the nose become more delicate, appropriate with the face.

why ?

should you apply nasal tip reduction

People whose nose is high with straight nasal bridge still not have a beautiful nose if the nasal tip is big and wide because it makes the face lose the elegance. Therefore, Nasal Tip Reduction by Korean technology brings a natural beauty to the nose, creating a high, straight nose, small nasal tip which are appropriate with Asian face.
Nasal Tip Reduction is a technique which removes the soft tissue or cartilage, depending on the causes. This procedure is gentle, painless, minimal scars without downtime.

1 Create small nasal tip according to the A-shape standard

Depending on the characteristics of each face as well as the current state of the nose and the causes of  big nasal tip, your surgeon will have the solution for nasal tip reduction, A-shaped rhinoplasty, smaller nostrils.

2 Safer

Nasal Tip Reduction Technique by Korean technology with a team of experienced surgeons, help surgery be quickly and safely done.

3 Painless with minimal scars

Before the surgery, the nose will be given an anesthesia so that the surgeons' operation will be very gentle. Nasal Tip Reduction surgery is done in the nasal cavity and after the surgery is complete, the incision is closed by tiny surture.

4 Maintain the natural beauty forever

 Big nasal tip is shaped and completely corrected by surgeons who help the nose become natural beautiful permanently after only one time of surgery.

Who? should apply nasal tip reduction

1 Clients with big nasal tip which is disproportionate with the face

2 Clients have high nasal bridge but big and wide nasal tip.

3 Clients want a natural small tip

ngoc phu aesthetichospital

pretigous address for Nasal tip reduction

 Nasal Tip Reduction method has become the best solution to correct the big and wide nasal tip. In Vietnam, this new method was directly transfered from Korea technology by the surgeons in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with modern equipments. Therefore, we will bring successful results, satisfaction and comfort for clients.
When you come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will completely feel safe to experience the latest technologies with thoughtful care. Furthermore, with standard procedures of the Ministry of Health, we ensure to give clients high, straight nose shape and small nasal tip which is appropriate with face.

nasal tip reduction procedure

Nasal tip reduction surgery is a relatively complex surgery, the surgeon needs to find out the correct anatomical structure of the nose. In addition, the surgery must be done by a team of experienced surgeons to specify the most appropriate method.

The procedure:

1 Consultation and Examination:

Our surgeons will examine the nose status, analyze the cause of big nasal tip to consult the most effective method for our clients.

2 Measure and draw new nose shape

The nasal tip will be carefully measured and shaped to be appropriate with the face.

3 Local anesthesia

Before the surgery, the nose will be given an anesthesia so that the surgery will be gently done without pain.

4 Perform the surgery

Depending on the specific case of the nose, there will be some common methods such as:
- Alar cartilage is loose, not closed toward each other:
Surgeons will adjust the cartilage.
- Cause of soft tissues:
Our surgeons will remove soft tissue.
- Cause of the cartilage and soft tissue:
Our surgeons will adjust cartilage and remove soft tissue to reduce the nasal tip.
5Close the incision:
The incision is closed by tiny suture so scar will be minimal. 



- The nose is natural beautiful with high, small nasal tip.
- Completely correct short nasal tip.
- Result will maintain permanently.
              Client applied nasal tip reduction,  chin reshaping , double eyelid and canthus extension surgery.
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