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Jaw Bone Reduction

Face of women is considered to be beautiful when it is slim without angles. Therefore, Jawbone Reduction Surgery is becoming a new trend which helps women own slim and soft face quickly. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital became top address in Jaw Bone Reduction surgery.

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why ?

should you apply jaw bone reduction

1Naturally slim V Line Face

With technique of jawbone reduction, doctor will measure and draw new shape carefully to ensure perfection for your face with delicate, naturally soft contours, help women own the most fashionable vline face today.

2Absolutely no scars 

This technique is done inside the mouth so after surgery there will be absolutely not any traces of cosmetic surgery, ensuring the natural beauty.

3Absolutely safe

This technique is performed by ultrasonic cutting machine which does not produce powder so it ensures absolute safety for customers and offer excellent aesthetic results as expected.

4Maintain the  beauty result permanently

Jaw Bone Reduction creates Vline face and help completely remove jawbone part which makes the face be rough. Therefore, after the surgery is done, the face become slim, soft and the result will maintain stably forever. 

who? should apply jaw bone reduction

1Who have square face

2Whose face is disproportionate

3Apply for both men and women

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious address for jawbone reduction 

As one of the most prestigious hospital with plastic surgery as specialty today, this is where perform the most advanced surgeries successfully. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital converges a doctor team with more than 25 years experience in the field of cosmetic surgery who will bring to customers the best result of jawbone reduction, Vline slim and naturally soft face.
With infrastructure system, modern equipments, professional service and standard procedures according the Ministry of Health. Therefore, all surgeries in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital always commit to bring to customers the result as expected. Coming to the Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will experience new technologies and considerate health care after surgery, helping customers feel the most comfortable and convenient.



1Examination and consultation

Customers will be examined jaw area, determined chin shape by doctors, from which he will advise  customers the most appropriate chin shape for face.

2General Health Check

Customers will receive general health check and taken X-ray to maxillofacial area so that doctors can determine jaw shape and positions which need to be edited. 


Before the surgery, customers will be anesthetized for the whole body. Therefore, during this surgery, customers will absolutely not feel any pain.

4Performing surgery 

Doctor will perform the surgery with a small incisions in the inferior lip, under the assistance of endoscopic equipment and bone cutters to remove the bone which was identified earlier, helping face be slim as desired. Finally, ending Jaw Bone Reduction surgery  by aesthetic sutures.







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