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Pore Tightening By Active Carbon Coal

Technology of pore minimizing therapy by active carbon coal is the perfect and quickest solution to minimize pores as you expected but still be very safe for the skin, not painful or uncomfortable during treatment. With technology of active carbon coal in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, we will quickly bring to you the smooth, naturally bright and white skin.

why ?

should you choose pore minimizing?

Beauty has always been a prime target of women, so they are always looking for ways to help your skin be more perfect, quickly eliminating the weaknesses of the body, especially the issues skin. But the fact is that not everyone can own beautiful skin, causes such as dust, skin which is not carefully cared. Those will make the skin become ugly with large pores and lose its beauty. Understanding these concerns, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has successfully applied Active carbon coal technology to help treat large pores with quick effect.

1 Carbon Laser  

New technology creates double impact when using active coal and laser, this seems as wonder drug for  your skin, bring to you good unexpected effect after apply only 1 time.


2Active carbon coal 

Active carbon coal will bring the water molecules into cells, then the skin will react by secreting collagen to fill the wound and tighten skin surface. At the end of therapy, skin will be applied stem cells to help skin become smoother, brighter and whiter.



3 Laser 

Long wavelength will penetrate into the dermis, break the structure of active carbon coal, remove dirt accumulation in the pores, stimulate collagen production to tighten pores effectively.

who? should apply

active carbon coal technology

1 The skin has large pores.

2 Support treatment of folliculitis

3 Who have already applied the minimizing pores treatment but it's not effective.

4 Apply for both men and women who want to own smooth skin.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

  EFFECTIVE pore tightening TREATMENT

 Always understanding that the pore tightening treatment will bring the best results to the client. Therefore, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has focused on investing modern equipments with active carbon coal technology to bring to client the most effective result of treatment. Pore tightening method in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital bases on the result of skin check to assess the condition of pores to give  the most appropriate therapy. Active carbon coal technology not only helps tighten pores effectively but also  brings bright white and smooth skin, help facial skin become more youthful and brighter.

Se khít lỗ chân lông-2

With applications of active carbon coal technology in pore tightening treatment in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will help clients quickly own rosy white skin as desired. Because, this process follows the standard, we ensure to bring result quickly but still be safe for your skin and health.Se khít lỗ chân lông-3

procedure of pore tightening

1 Step 1: Experts will check the skin and determine the condition of the pores.

2 Step 2: Clean and sterilize skin areas which need to be treated.

3 Step 3: Cover a layer of active carbon coal on the skin surface.

4Step 4: Apply the laser on the skin which need to be minimized pores.

5Step 5: Apply moisture lotion for facial skin.




1Effective pore tightening

Active carbon coal technology helps produce collagen, fill the hair follicles,  minimize pores in maximal way.

2Regenerate the skin 

Active carbon coal not only help tighten pores but also help skin become bright, smooth, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, push back the signs of acne.

3It's safe and does not hurt the skin

The laser light will be applied on the surface of the skin with the appropriate wavelength so it will not hurt the skin, and there will be absolutely no pain and no side effects to the skin. Therefore, it is safe for the skin.

4Less recovery time:

After treatment, the skin will be quickly recovered without downtime.


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