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Hymenoplasty - Hymen Reconstruction

Hymen restoration is a small tip to help recover lost hymen for women. This technique is gently done without pain and help restore the hymen as original. In addition, it also help women regain their confidence and contribute to maintain happy family fully.

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should you apply Hymen Restoration?

The hymen is a invaluable asset of women. This is the most important evidence of women to prove their virtue. However, in life, it is inevitable and happens unintentionally, for some reasons you lose it, your hymen, which makes you feel an inferiority complex and pressure in love, or standing at the threshold of marriage. Therefore, hymen restoration is a perfect solution.

1Absolutely safe without side-effects

Hymen restoration technique is absolutely safe because your health will strictly checked. Next, this surgery will be performed in a steriled environment so that there is no inflammation. We ensure that you only need to apply this surgery one time to get successful result and there is absolutely no side effect too.

2No pain, perform gently

This technique is gently done so there will be completely no pain or discomfort for customers. After surgery is done, you can go home immediately without recovery time.

3Quick recovery

Hymen restoration surgery is quickly performed; and you will recover very quickly after surgery. It does not affect your work and life.

4Ensure the safety for our clients

Hymen restoration is done in absolute private space to secure customer's information strictly and help you feel the most comfortable.

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

safe and prestigious address for

hymen restoration

Hymen restoration is a small minor surgery. However, this is vulvar treatment so it must ensure to be performed at Cosmetic Surgery Hospital with a team of experienced doctors in order to bring about the desired result.
Technique of hymen restoration surgery is performed in sterile environment, quickly, gently with the support of modern equipment. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is considered as the safest and the most prestigious address today in hymen restoration to give women happiness.



You will be examined the current condition of the hymen and advise the safest and the most effective method for our clients.

2Clean genital area 

Genital area will be cleaned by dilute bittern to sterilize and you will be given a local anesthesia so that you will feel completely painless.

3Perform hymen restoration

Our doctors will reduce the excess skin on the hymen and use absorbable sutures to restore torn hymen. This technique which is gently, safely done will bring to you new hymen as natural.






Time and cost

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