Semi-structural Rhinoplasty

Semi-structural rhinoplasty is one of the most comprehensive rhinoplasty procedures available today, bringing substantial advantages that prior rhinoplasty techniques could not. Semi-structural rhinoplasty helps to overcome the red, exposed nose condition and creates flawless rhinoplasty outcomes without leaving any unwanted complications.
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Semi-structural rhinoplasty is one of the most comprehensive rhinoplasty procedures available today, bringing substantial advantages that prior rhinoplasty techniques could not. Semi-structural rhinoplasty helps to overcome the red, exposed nose condition and creates flawless rhinoplasty outcomes without leaving any unwanted complications.
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How is Semi-structural Rhinoplasty performed?

Semi-structural Rhinoplasty is a partial correction of the nose structure, commonly applied when the nose shape has only a few flaws. It is not necessary to alter the entire nose, but even a minor change can result in a new, appealing, and harmonious nose shape. In Semi-structural Rhinoplasty, artificial cartilage is used to elevate the bridge of the nose while ear cartilage is also utilized to protect the tip of the nose. As a result, Semi-structural Rhinoplasty can effectively limit the condition of the red, exposed nose.

  • Soft and natural nose shape 

Semi-structural Rhinoplasty combines autologous and artificial cartilage to create a delicate and natural straight nose, enhancing the overall appearance of the face.

  • Overcome the defects of red, exposed nose

The autologous cartilage employed to protect the tip of the nose in semi-structural rhinoplasty is ear cartilage, which is extremely compatible with the body, helping to protect the nose from being red and exposed and thus bringing the most optimum rhinoplasty outcomes.

  • Safe and scar-fee procedure

Semi-structural Rhinoplasty is performed very quickly and accurately with just a small incision located in the nostrils, leaving no visible scars or cosmetic traces. This rhinoplasty method is evaluated as safe and extremely effective.

  • Permanent beautiful outcomes

Autologous cartilage employed in Semi-structural rhinoplasty will form a unified block that results in stunning natural rhinoplasty outcomes with long-term stability.


Who are the candidates for Semi-structural Rhinoplasty?

  • People who have snub noses.
  • Those who underwent multiple nose surgeries without being satisfied with the results.
  • People with short nasal tips.
  • Examination and consultation

Examination is a critical step before any surgery in order for doctors to determine the best rhinoplasty method.

  • General health check

Before undergoing the Semi-structural rhinoplasty procedure, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will do a complete health check-up to ensure a safe and successful surgery for customers.

  • Measurement for the new nose shape

To create the optimum nose shape, doctors will design an ideal nose shape that is the best match for the customers' facial structures. Doctors will next select the best suited materials to create the delicately high nose.

  • Disinfection and local anesthesia

The nose and ear areas will be properly disinfected to ensure customers' safety. Doctors will then numb those areas with local anesthesia to guarantee customers' comfort throughout the Semi-structural Rhinoplasty operation.

  • Perform ear cartilage removal

The ear cartilage is gently removed, and the incision is repaired with aesthetic threads, leaving no visible scar.

  • Perform Semi-structural Rhinoplasty

After removing the ear cartilage, combined with artificial cartilage, doctors will carefully dissect and insert the implant materials. With the nasal tip protected by the ear cartilage, the procedure helps to create the optimum nose form. After shaping the nose as desired, doctors will close the incision with cosmetic sutures.

  • Post-operative care

After the operation, customers will return home and resume everyday activities. Customers will be guided daily by Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital customer service representatives to achieve the most satisfied aesthetic outcomes.



Before And After Photos
  • Attain flawless nose results quickly after 45 minutes.
  • High durability
  • Naturally beautiful and soft nose shape


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Where to get safe and reputable Semi-structural Rhinoplasty?

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is dedicated to providing customers with the latest cosmetic technologies transferred from Korea. Semi-structural Rhinoplasty has become a new cosmetic trend for flawless rhinoplasty outcomes chosen by many customers today.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be one of the safest and most effective hospitals for rhinoplasty surgery today by the following criteria:

  • Modern rhinoplasty technologies imported directly from Korea, with the goal of providing customers with the most optimum outcomes possible.
  • A team of doctors with more than 30 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery.
  • Implant materials imported directly from Korea, ensuring the best rhinoplasty results and safest procedure for customers.

How long does it take for the nose to be naturally beautiful?

The recovery time will differ based on the individual's physique and post-operative care regime. As a result, customers may undergo the same procedure yet recuperate at different times. Swelling will occur for the first three days after the Semi-structural Rhinoplasty. However, after 7 days, the sutures will be removed by doctors and the incision will be relatively healed.

After 4 weeks, the nose shape will be naturally beautiful and stable. Customers can then resume daily activities without any concern of complications.

Semi-structural Rhinoplasty Aftercare: What to do after the surgery?

  • Avoid collisions and impacts: The shape of the nose needs at least one month to recover and stabilize after the rhinoplasty, thus direct impact on the nose will influence the shape and structure of the nose.
  • A scientific and proper diet: To avoid allergies and bad scarring, it is important to avoid foods such as seafood, beef, water spinach and allergenic foods.
  • Avoid stimulants: During the first week following rhinoplasty, stimulants such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and beer should be avoided.

  • Take medications as prescribed by doctors and return to the hospital as scheduled by doctors for health check-up: It is critical to closely follow doctors’ instructions, including how to take medicine, when to schedule a health check-up and suture removal appointment, in order for the nose shape to remain stable and beautiful.

Can customers get Semi-structural Rhinoplasty if customers have sinusitis?

Sinusitis and allergic rhinitis are the most common diseases of the respiratory tract. Semi-structural Rhinoplasty is permitted to perform on customers with sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or other nose-related problems. Semi-structural Rhinoplasty is a procedure for correcting nose defects that interferes with just the nasal bone and does not alter the interior tissues of the nose. It is also non-invasive to the respiratory system and nasal sinuses.

However, if the condition of sinusitis or allergic rhinitis is severe, rhinoplasty should be avoided. Customers can be assured that Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will do a complete health check-up to evaluate the health condition as well as the state of rhinitis and sinusitis to determine whether rhinoplasty is permitted or not.

Does Semi-structural Rhinoplasty leave any complications?

According to doctors, Semi-structural Rhinoplasty is just a simple minor surgery and hardly leaves scars or causes any dangerous complications to the body. With the development of today’s cosmetic technologies, rhinoplasty has become even safer. Newly invented rhinoplasty techniques such as semi-structural rhinoplasty, structural rhinoplasty… not only brings a beautiful and natural nose shape, but also completely overcomes common complications such as red nose tip, exposed nose bridge, crooked and deviated nose due to collisions, etc., which often seen in traditional rhinoplasty techniques.


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